Wanted dead or alive

We are always on the lookout for projectors for sale

Is your company or education facility upgrading their products?  Do you have a single high lumen projector above 5000 lumens of a decent brand which you are looking to sell or recycle DEAD OR ALIVE ?  











We would like to hear from you.

Call 0800 505 3939 for an estimate to repair or to buy your used projection equipment.

We offer trade in value of your old equipment

Some of our customers get a pleasant surprise when we offer cash for their old broken projectors which may have been sitting around in a store cupboard for years! some equipment does have further uses and may be restored to its former glory with just a simple repair.

We are selective with what we buy but you may be surprised

Many internal parts such as certain optical components could possibly be reused in an identical or same series of projector. Some of these components are too expensive to buy new and render the product uneconomical to repair.

You may have key parts in an old projector that can breathe new life into another more modern projector with a very simple fault or broken part.

In the same or similar trade? Looking for a particular part?

We currently have pallet loads of clearance projectors which are mounting up and need further circulation.

We can not service every single projector that comes to us for recycling and as they age they become less economical to repair. We therefor have a quick turnover of projectors which we assess, check to see if we have parts for and establish if they are worthy of a full in depth service. When they become too many or all have a similar fault we can not cost effectively treat ourselves, we will then offer these to other traders who may have the parts and time available to repair and refurbish. Most of our clearance recyclable projectors have never been opened by ourselves. We will give you an honest opinion of what we think is required to refurbish.

Interested in recycling or repairing projectors ?

Please supply your contact details together with a brief description of which parts or projectors you may be interested in. Typically a 1 meter high pallet load of projectors will sell for around £300-£500 to clear! most will be around 5000 lumen rating!