250,000 hours lamp! pity about the power supply! Return to China guaranteed!

You have a choice to make when buying a projector. 

Bought purely on the merits of marketed specifications many chose the so called hassle free NEW option. This option is far from hassle free! 

You decide upon an entry to mid range level projector made by a particular factory and marketed under various brand names and models (in many cases only their price tag, case and logo are different). Despite inflated claims and hidden clauses in your guarantee...You are faced with issues of build quality and reliability soon enough. (They don't make things like they used to!) After 20 years of experiences and not being tied to any particular brand, We hear your complaints and frustration with the broken promises of marketing claims. See how you are drawn in by the latest buzz words. We see at first hand what quality to expect from the thousands of various types, makes, models of projectors out there... We can certainly advise you which ones to avoid. Expose common issues and uncover many truth's before your eyes and ears are drawn into a point of sale. 

Do you know about DMD chip failure? The half life of laser technology? The level of dust which builds up inside your multi-thousand hour LED projector.  Destined to cause serious damage in just a couple of thousand hours use!. FULL HD but what about image refresh rate, compatible input but what does it output? noise levels, colour balance, which lens you need over a specific distance to produce your desired image? A few  minutes of your time to have a conversation with us could save you a lot of time and a lot of money!

Used projector @bay ?

You will find that 90+% of all used projectors have a nasty sting behind their price tag. fitted with copy lamps, lamp and run time reset in their menu, look shiny and new  on the outside and feeling as though you are not being lied to... You take the plunge. 

Inside caked in dust, intermittent overheating, image issues you only notice when displaying certain colours. No matter how well they have been serviced or by whom, they are mostly uneconomical for most companies to service them properly. 

In short a used 15000 lumen projector bought from an ex hire company or church may only produce 5000-8000 lumens of brightness. Regardless of how well maintained or how low its run time states in its menu.

Serviced by the best engineers? really ?!

No-one else in the trade goes to such extreme measures of servicing as we do. Many so-called service centers have been visited by ourselves both here in the UK and overseas. 

Why buy a huge lump of a projector when you can buy something less than half the size, weight and price?.

 It will produce the same or brighter image with greater clarity!. (unless it has new non copy lamps fitted and has had a proper 1-2 day deep clean service).Most service engineers cringe at the thought!

Talk to us about servicing and maintenance before you buy a used high lumen projector. 

We wont just offer you flowers with our words... We can physically show you exactly what we are talking about. Using our library of so called previously well maintained... fully serviced projectors and show you what we have found inside them!.

loose bolts near cooling fans and open circuitry! official manufacturer service engineers never attempting to even open the optic tracks of most we have seen!

 Hence the reason we re-service every high lumen projectors optics to a standard which is far beyond the usual once over with an air gun duster and a pipe cleaner!

Like to see what's inside a projector? we can show you.

From its cooling fan blades to its full optic track. each and every surface of every optical component cleaned properly AS NEW!

Go compare!

If you compare the difference between a used projector which has had a full service by a leading name and compare it to one we have serviced will notice that what we offer is an improvement in image quality and brightness.

We have a passion for what we do. Our  business started as a hobby and interest. It remains this throughout by classifying our customers as people rather than pound signs to make a fast buck! Looking after our clients and giving them the very best value options available. Going that extra mile to give you more. 

9k lumen projector BRIGHTER THAN 16,000 LUMENS!!!

A screen shot of a recent customers communication.

Bought as a stand-in projector to run in place of their 16,000 lumen projector incase it ever had any issues. An essential tool for a circus show backdrop.

 We sold a sanyo xf70 rated at 9,000 lumens (which really is 9000 lumens!) We felt it might just do the job.

It did a little bit more than just do the job! 33% more to be preceise!

You can see many more customer reviews as they are currently being uploaded under our testimonial page.

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